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Latest AB Newsletter

2021 is coming to an end. We are looking back on a year full of exciting projects and ahead to exciting opportunities in 2022.

The project Creative Ports project is coming to an end this year. One of the important results of the project, the CCI Contact Desk, will start its activities next year. ARS BALTICA will again be in charge of the communication tasks, which we are very much looking forward to.

The Seedmoney project CULTURE4CLIMATE provided throughout the year a cross-sectorial platform for climate change-related cultural and artistic practice and cooperation. We look back on a great partnership, which was entirely dedicated to the task of tackling the climate crisis with the help of the Cultural and Creative Industries, and hope that we will soon be able to deepen this task.

During the year we especially enjoyed the meetings that were organised as live events. These included the Final Conference of Creative Ports in Szczecin and the NORDEN Festival in Schleswig, Northern Germany. This year, just like the last one, has shown us how important cultural work is to bring people together, to put our minds together and to work on a vision for the future.

In our latest Newsletter #24 you will find information about Creative Europe and Interreg and the Baltic Sea Region Matchmaking Platform. As well as Open Calls for the Cultural and Creative Industries within the Baltic Sea Region.