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BSR Cultural Mobility Funding Guide

The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) consists of eleven countries: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russian Federation and Poland. All countries have their unique structures that support cultural mobility. The BSR Cultural Mobility Funding Guide is a jointOn The Move and ARS BALTICA initiative. The guide is your handy tool to navigate through this great pool of opportunities, as information from all eleven countries is provided on:

  • State, local, regional, and/or private funded Cultural Mobility programmes
  • A selection of residency programmes (for artists, cultural professionals and/or curators etc.)
  • Other forms of opportunities connected to European and international opportunities

The guide provides you with a concise overview over the types of mobility, the specific cultural disciplines supported, the funding institution and the necessary links to get you started.

Find the full guide here!

Without the support of our exceptional partners, the guide would not have been possible. Thank you!

Here you can find each BSR Country separately.

Denmark/ Estonia/ Finland/ Germany/ Iceland/ Latvia/ Lithuania/ Norway / Poland Russian Federation / Sweden